A report by the Environment, Water and Natural Resources committee has pointed to glaring inefficiencies in the management of affairs at the Kirinyaga Water and Sanitation Company. ( KIRIWASCO)
The report was tabled on the floor after a familiarization tour on the operations of the water company by the by the Environment, Water and Natural Resources committee chaired by Njukiini MCA Hon. Timothy Kariuki.
The MCAs while adopting the report decried the lack of commitment by the management to fulfill their responsibilities.
In his remarks Hon. Fredrick Maina of Inoi ward lamented that despite the resources available to the company, the Githioro treatment plant was still not operationalized.
Speaking in favour of the report Hon. Grace Kamau regretted the inability by KIRIWASCO to supply clean water to the residents of Kirinyaga despite enjoying a near monopoly status.
Hon. Thomas Muriuki of Mukure ward expressed his displeasure with the water company noting that KIRIWASCO had failed to live up to its mandate. He particularly pointed out to the company’s inability to manage and seal water leakages and delays in replacing broken water pipes citing a leakage within Kiaragana area of Mukure ward that has gone undetected for months leading to water and revenue losses.
In his remarks Hon.Peter Karinga of Tebere ward decried the lethargy by the company’s work force and the failure by the company’s workforce to distribute water equitably to all parts of Kirinyaga and Tebere ward in particular despite having its water distribution infrastructure extend to parts of Mbeere South in Embu County.
Hon. Charles Nyamu of Murinduko ward expressed his disapproval with the company’s operations noting that Murinduko ward has not benefited from the company’s services despite the company being incorporated more than seven years ago.
The MCAs recommended the replacement and repair of the system network to reduce non-revenue water which currently stands at 56% to less than 25% as recommended by WASREB and increase its water supply volume to the residents of Kirinyaga.
The MCAs further recommended the restructuring of the board of directors to comply with provisions of the Water Act, 2016.

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