Legal Affairs and Delegated Legslation Committee Members & Mandate

Committees Mandate.

There shall be a select committee, to be designated Selection Committee, consisting the Leader of the Majority party who shall be the chairperson, the Leader of the Minority party not less than five and not more than seven members, who shall be nominated by County Assembly parties and approved by the County Assembly
(2) The Committee on Selection shall nominate members to serve in Committees, save for the membership of the County Assembly Business Committee and Committee on Appointments.
(3) The Committee on Selection shall be appointed within ten days on assembly of a new County Assembly.


1. Hon. Kenneth Mwendia
2. Hon. Harrison Bundi
3. Hon. Kinyua Wangui
4. Hon. Isaiah Mbogo
5. Hon. Charles Nyamu
6. Hon. Milker Thoithi
7. Hon. Joseph Kiragu