What is a petition?

A petition is basically a request for action or rather a written prayer to the County Assembly. The subject of a petition must be a matter on which the County assembly has the power to act, that is, it must be a Regional (County controlled).

The ‘terms’ of a petition must include the reasons for petitioning the County Assembly and a request for action by the County assembly. For example, petitions may ask the County assembly to introduce legislation, or to repeal or change existing legislation, or to take action for a certain purpose or for the benefit of particular people. Less commonly a petition from an individual citizen may seek the redress of a personal grievance, for example, the correction of an administrative error.


Who can petition County Assembly?

The right of petitioning a County Assembly is a long-established fundamental right of the citizen. It is the only direct means by which an individual or group can ask the Parliament to take action—all other processes entail communicating through a parliamentary representative (MCA) or a County Assembly committee.