Members of the Education Committee led by the Chairperson and Murinduko Ward MCA Hon. Charles Nyamu, yesterday toured various Vocational Training Centers (VTCs) with a view to ascertain challenges facing the institutions.
The Committee found out that most VTCs have chronic shortage of personnel with some Centres having less than three parmanently employed tutors.
On Infrastructure, most of the institutions visited lacked adequate workshops and equipment which are vital in promoting quality training for learners.
The Commitee also found out that some of the institutions have few learners despite having a huge catchment of potential candidates.
Hon. Charles Nyamu promised budgetary support to affected institutions noting that a total of Kes. 26 million has been allocated towards development projects in VTCs in the current financial year.
He also promised to liaise with the County Public Service Board (CPSB) so that more personnel can be recruited within reasonable time.

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