Hon.Jinaro Namu Njamumo 

The Office of the Deputy Speaker is established pursuant to Article 178(2) of the Constitution of Kenya and Section 9(4) of the county Governments Act 2012.

The Deputy Speaker is elected from amongst members of the County Assembly.

The Deputy Speaker’s principal responsibility is to deputize the Speaker on matters procedure in the County Assembly. He/ she is also the chairperson of the Liaison Committee which is a committee of the County Assembly comprising of all chairpersons of committees.

Hon. Jinaro Namu Njamumo of Mutithi Ward is the Deputy Speaker of the third County Assembly.

Functions & Duties

At the beginning of each Assembly, the house also elects a member to the position of Deputy Speaker, proceeding in the same manner as for the election of the speaker.

  • In the absence of the Speaker or whenever requested by the latter, the Deputy Speaker takes the Chair and has the same powers and functions as the speaker.
  • The Deputy speaker is also the chairman of committees when the Speaker chooses not to chair the committee.
  • The Deputy speaker of a House of parliament shall presides over the sitting of that House in the absence of the Speaker.
  • The Deputy Speaker is the chairperson of committees of the Whole House and shall preside over committees of the Whole House;
  • The Deputy Speaker deputizes the speaker and assists in ensuring the dignity of the Assembly is upheld, its rights and privileges are not abused and generally assists in the interpretation and application of the practices and procedures of parliament at all times.

Hon. Joel Wagura

Hon. Joel Wagura is the second Deputy Speaker of the County Assembly. He is an elected MCA representing Kariti ward.  He began an active career in politics in the year 2013 when he was first elected as a Member of County Assembly for Kariti ward.

The Honourable Deputy Speaker is Bachelor of Arts graduate from the University of Nairobi. He is also a qualified microfinance consultant with extensive experience in marketing credit products credit analysis and recommendations.  Joel is an active investor who is well versed on matters entrepreneurship and microfinance management.

The Honorable Deputy Speaker serves in various committees in the County Assembly. In his proficient capacity as the Chair of Liaison committee he ably provides leadership to other committees of the County Assembly.

He is passionate about leadership and service to the people with a keen focus on empowerment of the people alongside nation building.

Outside the office the Deputy Speaker is an avid reader of books, and writer. He is a staunch Presbyterian and strong believer in God. He loves sports and indeed, he is a martial artist and a great volleyball player.