The County Assembly Service Board is constituted pursuant to Section 12 of the County Governments Act, 2012 which provides as follows:

(1) There shall be a County Assembly service board for each County Assembly.

(2) The County Assembly service board shall be a body corporate with perpetual   succession and a common seal.”

Management and leadership of the County Assembly is entrusted to the County Assembly Service Board. The Board undertakes to ensure the goals and objectives of the County Assembly are achieved.

Section 12 (3) of the County Governments Act, 2012 provides for the membership of the Board as follows:

  • the speaker of the County Assembly, as the chairperson;
  • a vice-chairperson elected by the Board from the members appointed under paragraph (c);
  • two members of the County Assembly nominated by the political parties represented in the County Assembly according to their proportion of members in the County Assembly; and
  • one man and one woman appointed by the County Assembly from amongst persons who are experienced in public affairs, but are not members of the County Assembly.

In fulfillment of the legal prescription set out above the members of the County Assembly of Kirinyaga Service Board are :-

  1. – Vice- Chairperson
  2. -Member
  3. -Member
  4. -Member



The Board’s mandate is outlined by Section 11 of the County Assembly Services Act as follows:

(1) The Board shall —

(a) direct and supervise the administration of the services and facilities provided by, and exercise budgetary control over, the Service;

(b) determine and review the terms and conditions of service of persons holding or acting in the offices of the Service;

(c) initiate, co-ordinate and harmonize policies and strategies relating to the development of the Service;

(d) initiate programmes —

(i) for training and capacity building of members and staff of the County Assembly and other persons;

(ii) that promote ideals of parliamentary democracy as set out in Article 127(6)(d) of the Constitution; and

(iii) that promote public awareness and participation in the activities of the County Assembly; and

(e) do such other things as may be necessary for the well-being of the members and staff of the County Assembly.

In the performance of its statutory mandate the Board is expected to apply —

(a) the national values and principles of governance set out in Article 10 of the Constitution; and

(b) the values and principles of public service set out in Article 232(1) of the Constitution.

In addition to the powers granted by Sections 12 (2) of the County Governments Act and Section 12 of the County Assembly Services Act, the Board is empowered to do or perform all such other things or acts for the proper discharge of its functions under this Act and any written law , as may lawfully be done or performed by a body corporate.

The Service Board Comprises of the following Members:-

The County Assembly Speaker is elected by the MCA’s from persons who are not members of the Assembly. He/she presides over the sittings in the County Assembly, in His/her absence the Deputy Speaker stands in his/her place.

According to the County Governments Act, each County Assembly has a speaker elected by the County Assembly from among persons who are not members of the assembly. A sitting of the County Assembly is be presided over by the following:

  • The Speaker of the Assembly or
  • In the absence of the speaker, another member of the assembly elected by the assembly.


  • The Speaker of the County Assembly shall preside over all debates of the County Assembly and    enforces the observance of the Constitution, the Standing Orders, relevant statute and assembly traditions, procedures and practices.
  • The Speaker administers the oath of affirmation or allegiance to Members and issues writes for vacant County Assembly seats.
  • The Speaker protects the rights of the minority while making sure that the majority have their way.
  • Organizing the business of the House as he/she is the Chairman of the House Business Committee.
  • Spokesperson of the County Assembly and shall ensure that the dignity of the County Assembly and by extension, Assembly, is upheld and its rights and privileges are not abused.
  • The Speaker is the final authority on all matters touching on the interpretation and application of the practice and procedure of Assembly at all times.


Hon. Mbungu Daniel Muriithi-Leader of Majority Party

Mr. Kamau Aidi – Clerk

Mr. Kamau Aidi is the Clerk of the County Assembly. He joined the service in April 2014.

  He possesses a Master’s Degree in Management and Organizational Development from the United States International University (USIU), and Bachelor’s Degree in Education. Mr. Aidi, an expert in pedagogy, governance and strategic management, has a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years gained from multi-sectoral fields.

 He started his career as a tutor at Narok Teachers Training College in 1998. He then joined Thika Institute of Technology, as a lecturer in year 2000. In year 2002 he became the personal Assistant to Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta then Member of Parliament for Gatundu South for close to three years. He returned to the education sector in year 2006 when he became the Director of Studies at Thika Institute of Technology, before joining Mount Kenya University in year 2008 as a Dean of Student a position he held for 4 years.

 Mr. Aidi then moved to Parliament where he was attached to Parliamentary Service Commission for four years. He joined an International NGO, Mercy Corps, as a Civic Engagement Specialist, and later worked as a Program Officer with the Washington based International Republican Institute (IRI) where he was an expert on governance, devolution and capacity building of County Assemblies, before joining the County Assembly of Kirinyaga as the Clerk.

“I have a passion for humanity and a firm believer, as a Christian, that we are all created in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, service to mankind, is service to God” says Mr. Aidi.

Hon Muriuki Thomas Mwangi-Member