Members of the County Assembly Women Caucus today held a meeting with women leaders from across the county. The meeting which was facilitated by the Council of Governors in collaboration with County Department of Gender and Youth sought to seek the caucus’s views on s strategy to be employed in the seven women led counties for the next four years to support women in leadership.
The discussion focused on the policies, strategies and initiatives by the county to empower women and that focus on improving the welfare of women. One of the key initiatives highlighted is the Wezesha Kirinyaga economic empowerment program that has seen 473 Community interest groups supported to undertake agricultural projects in poultry, avocado, tomato and dairy value. This program has been made possible through the support of the County Assembly that has continued to appropriate funds and provided effective oversight to ensure the program is run effectively.
The introduction of the of the Kirinyaga County Empowerment and Development Bill, 2023 which has been introduced in the County Assembly and read a first time is one of the major legislative interventions by the county assembly to address women empowerment. The bill seeks to empower me, women and persons with disability by establishing a fund to provide access to capital and financing facilities to organized groups in the county.
The County Assembly has also shortened the gender gap in leadership by empowering women to take up leadership positions. Notably the deputy leader of majority party and the deputy majority whip positions are held by women MCA’s.
The meeting also identified mentorship as one of the key strategies that has worked to support women leadership. Led by the chairperson of the women caucus Hon. Milker Thoithi the women MCAs vowed to continue elevating and integrating gender issues into the policy and economic interventions by the county by improving women’s access to information, speaking out against explicit bias against women in leadership and initiating and supporting programs that are geared towards women empowerment and encouraging the participation of women in all spheres of life and especially politics
The CEC for Gender and Youth Ms. Millicent Nyawira on her part on expressed her departments’ committeemen strengthening capacity of women leaders, educating and advocating for gender responsive legislation and creating an all-inclusive approach to women leadership.
The women MCAs honoured the seven women governors who paved way for the G7, an association of women governor’s by breaking the crystalline ceiling and beating all odds to be elected to the county boss’ positions.
The meeting was also attended by women members of the County Public Service Board, Chief Officer and Director in the department of Gender and Youth.

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