County Assembly Kirinyaga

Service Board.

The County Assembly
Service Board

The Kirinyaga County Assembly Service Board is established pursuant to section 12 (1) of the County Governments Act 2012 as a body corporate with perpetual succession. It comprises of five members: Hon. Speaker of the Assembly as the Chairperson; two sitting members of the County Assembly and two people residents in the County appointed by the County Assembly from among persons who have knowledge and experience in public affairs, but who is not a Member of the County Assembly. The Clerk to the Assembly is the Secretary to the Board.
The Board is responsible for: 
a) Directing and supervising the administration of the services and facilities provided by, and exercise budgetary control over, the Service
b) Determining and reviewing the terms and conditions of service of persons holding or acting in the offices of the service.
c) Initiating, coordinating and harmonizing policies and strategies relating to the development of the Service;
d) Initiating programmers:
i. For training and capacity building of members and staff of the county assembly and other persons
ii. That promote the ideals of parliamentary democracy as set out in Article 127(6) (d) of the constitution and
iii. That promote public awareness and participation in the activities of the county assembly
e) Do other such things as may be necessary for the wellbeing of the members and staff of the county assembly.
Members of the County Assembly Service Board