Kamau Aidi-Clerk

The office of the Clerk of the County Assembly is established pursuant to Section 13 of the County Governments Act, 2012. The Clerk of the County Assembly is the senior-most serving officer in the County Assembly.

1. The  Clerk is the chief administrative officer of the county assembly is  and 
is responsible for the day to day management and functioning of the county assembly
2. He is the procedural advisor to the county assembly. The procedural functions include: 
a. rendering of expert, nonpartisan and impartial advice to the members of the county assembly and the Speaker  on the legislative process  and parliamentary procedure and practice  
b. exercising powers as may be conferred on him or her by law or by the Standing Orders and practices of the county assembly.
3. The Clerk is the secretary to the County Assembly Service Board. His/her duties as secretary to the board include: 
a)the accounting officer of the Board;
b)the administrative head of the Service;
c)the custodian of the Board’s records; responsible for : 
i.the execution of the decisions of the Board; and  
       ii. assignment of duties and supervision of the staff of the Board.
d)the preparation and submission of the programmes necessary for the achievement of the Board’s mandate for approval by the Board;
e)causing to be kept records of the proceedings and minutes of the meetings of the Board and such other records as the Board may direct;
    f) ensuring staff compliance with public service values, principles and ethics; and
g) the performance of such other duties as may be assigned by the Board or any other written law.
The Office of the Clerk is presently held by Mr. Kamau Aidi


Mr. Aidi possesses a Master’s Degree in Management and Organizational Development, and Bachelor’s Degree in Education. Mr. Aidi, an expert in pedagogy, governance and strategic management, brings a wealth of experience from different sectors as outlined here below.
He started his career as a Lecturer at Thika Institute of Technology. In year 2002 he became the personal Assistant to Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta then Member of Parliament for Gatundu South for close to three years. He returned to the education sector in year 2006 when he became the Director of Studies at Thika Institute of Technology for two years before joining Mount Kenya University in year 2008 as a Dean of Student a position he held for 2 years. Mr. Aidi then moved to National Parliament where he was attached to Parliamentary Service Commission for three years. He later joined the NGO world and worked with the Washington based International Republican Institute (IRI) as a Program Officer where he was an expert on governance, devolution and capacity building of County Assemblies, before joining County Assembly of Kirinyaga as the Clerk. Mr. Aidi is married and blessed with 2 children.