In a heartwarming display of community support, Ngariama Ward MCA, Hon. Daniel Mbungu Kibinga, alongside fellow MCAs and Speaker of the County Assembly Hon. Muteti Murimi, today embarked on a mission to uplift the livelihoods of Ngariama Ward residents.
Led by Governor Anne Waiguru who was the chief guest, residents of Ngariama Ward have every reason to smile given that today, various women and youth groups received water pipes, cooking gas, incubators, sporting paraphernalia, tents and chairs all for purposes of improving their economic fortunes.
The distribution of tents, sporting paraphernalia and cooking cylinders symbolized a commitment to deliver on election pledges.
With Climate Change posing a challenge to food security, Governor Waiguru and Hon. Kibinga took a proactive stance by distributing cooking gas, a move aimed at reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable living practices.
The initiative not only addresses immediate environmental concerns but also lays a groundwork for a greener, more resilient future.
A total of 8 (100 โ€“ sitter) tents and 800 chairs were issued to 10 women and youth groups even as 600 filled gas cylinders were distributed across the ward.
Residents from three self-help groups were also beneficiaries of three incubators which will further accelerate their chicken rearing business in future.
On the need to provide access to irrigation water, a total of 256 pipes of various sizes and 152 assorted pipe fittings of varying diameters were also distributed.
On youth empowerment, the Governor together with Hon. Kibinga issued sporting paraphernalia to 12 football teams across Ngariama ward. The duo also gave bursary worth Kes. 6.21 million which will benefit at least 2,000 needy students pursuing secondary, tertiary and University Education.
Hon. Kibinga urged residents to continue supporting the Governor as she continues working on uplifting their standards of living. โ€œAs I thank the Governor for her continued dedication to development projects, I wish to also thank President Ruto for looking into the plight of coffee farmersโ€ Hon. Kibinga said.
Other Members of the County Assembly are expected to issue bursaries to residents in the coming days following Governor Waiguruโ€™s launch of Kes. 147.5 million bursary yesterday.

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