Committee on Agriculture & Committee on Environment, hold an inquiry into a petition by the Mwea Rice Farmers Association.

The Association sought the intervention of the County Assembly in a bid to resolve grievances that have arisen as a result of dissatisfaction with the management of the Mwea Irrigation Scheme by the Water Users Association (IWUA) and the National Irrigation Board (NIB).

The petition was tabled on the floor of the County Assembly on 24th June 2020 and committed to the two committees for redress.

The joint sitting chaired by Wamumu Ward MCA Hon. John Baptist Kanga sought to resolve the issues raised by the association through their petition.

The right to petition the County Assembly is set out in section 15 of the County Governments Act with the procedure for processing petitions set out in Standing Order 203 and 205 of the County Assembly Standing Orders.

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