Members of the County Assembly hold consultative meetings with the County Executive Committee Members

Members of the County Assembly have held interactive meetings with the County CECs, Chief Officers and Directors in various departments with an aim of understanding the overall progress in the implementation of development projects since the inception of the second County Government. The sessions chaired by Baragwi MCA Hon. David Mathenge sought to establish the status of project implementation for the 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 financial years, the revenue targets for each department, challenges experienced by the departments and the strategies they have employed to address these challenges as well identify the budget requirements for each department for the financial year 2019/2020 as captured in the Annual Development Plan. Members of the County Assembly also raised concern of the lack of involvement in the projects undertaken by various departments in their wards. The members of the county assembly further urged the county executive committee members to maximize on local revenue collection. They reiterated their commitment to work with the county executive to ensure that all residents of Kirinyaga receive a fair share of the available resources.

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