The County Assembly has expressed its displeasure with the condition of the Kimbimbi Sub-county Hospital. This is after a fact finding mission by the Medical Services, Public Health and Sanitation Committee.The assessment of the committee focused on the staffing levels, staff welfare, availability of pharmaceuticals and non-pharmaceuticals and the status of infrastructure at the facility.The committee in a report tabled by the vice chairperson Hon. Grace Kamau observed that the status of affairs at the hospital called for urgent intervention by the CECM for Medical Services Public Health and Sanitation. Speaking in support of the report, Hon. Charles Nyaga Nyamu of Murinduko ward called for the County Department of Medical Services to budget for a the provision of an additional ambulance as currently the facility is served by only one ambulance despite the vastness of Mwea Sub county. He further called for the decentralization of ambulance services as the current system of dispatch was bureaucratic and cumbersome.In his remarks Hon. Kenneth Ndambiri of Nyangati ward called upon the County Department of Medical Services to fully operationalize the morgue at the Kimbimbi Sub-county Hospital which is expected to serve the populous sub county of Mwea as the residents were in most cases forced to resort to private facilities.Hon. Eric Muchina of Kerugoya Ward in his speech to the motion decried the lack of pharmaceuticals and non-pharmaceuticals at the facility urging the CECM for Medical Services to address the sporadic supply of pharmaceuticals and non- pharmaceuticals in County Hospitals. He further urged the County Government to consider reverting the Facilities Improvement Fund to the hospitals to allow health facilities to manage the funds they generate.In his speech to the motion Hon. Peter Karinga of Tebere ward urged the committee to fully stamp its oversight authority and follow through with the recommendations of the report and in particular issues relating to staff morale, promotions and training. Honourable Caroline Muriithi, Hon Harrison Kariuki Bundi, Hon. Bernard Gichangi, Hon. Lucy Njeri and Hon. Fredrick Maina all speaking in support of the report commended the committee on medical services for the comprehensive analysis of the situation at the health facility and called upon the County Department of Health to urgently address the concerns raised by the committee including the setting up of a Health Management Information System, renovation of dilapidated buildings at the facility, promotion of staff, understaffing and the disposal of idle assets at the facility. The busy afternoon session was chaired by temporary Speaker Hon. Isaiah Mbogo of Kabare Ward who also serves as the chairperson of the Medical Services, Public Health and Sanitation Committee.

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