The Assembly is the legislative Arm of the Kirinyaga County Government and draws its mandate from the provisions of Article 185 of the Constitution of Kenya.

The County Assembly of Kirinyaga consists of 34 Members; 20 elected Ward Representatives, 13 nominated MCAs and the Speaker as an ex-officio member.

The three key roles of the legislature are representation, oversight and legislation, while the executive arm of the County Government implements the laws passed by the Assembly; including projects outlined in the county budget.


To promote principles of good governance in Kirinyaga County, through constructive legislative agenda, in consultation with all stakeholders, and use of appropriate technology to scrutinize policy implementation to improve service delivery.


A model of an independent, development and peoples oriented County Assembly.


The Kirinyaga County Assembly core values guides the management and performance of the assembly. The core values are treasured and held dearly. They form the foundation that will give all policies which provide guidelines for the day today implementation of service delivery.

The assembly believes in:

Independence and Integrity

At all times, the Assembly will strive to –

  • serve objectively and impartially;
  • act openly, honestly and reliably; and
  • exercise discretion and respect confidentiality.

Commitment and Respect

At all times, the Assembly will strive to –

  • be committed to the achievement of County Assembly goals;
  • be responsive and customer focused;
  • respect clients and fellow worker alike; and
  • recognize, value and reward achievement

Professionalism and Accountability

At all times, the Assembly will strive to –

  • to maintain a high level of competence
  • promoting teamwork
  • uphold ethical issues and etiquette


At all times, the Assembly will strive to respect and accommodate other people’s  viewpoints.

Innovation and Creativity:

At all times, the Assembly will strive to –

  • encourage new ideas,
  • recognize talents,
  • challenge existing practices and
  • strive to find ways to continuously improve.

Servant hood:

At all times, the Assembly will strive to be –

  • transparent,
  • hospitable, and speak the truth and,
  • respect one another and collaborate to meet common goals